Shawarma my heart

Ground Beef and Lamb blessed by the flavor gods….

Everyone has heard about the strange and incredible cravings that pregnant woman have while carrying a future human. This week, I feel like I might identify with a small smidgen of this craving… SHAWARMA!

Marshall and I are back to cooking and a major aspect of cooking is using what is already in your freezer. I just so happened to have ground lamb, and I have already discussed with you all that I grind my own beef (I mean, everyone grinds, right? Everyone has ground lamb just sitting and waiting?)

img_20180809_160146_7691057988100.jpgAnd so with ground meat at my disposal, I made lamb and beef Shawarma! My version was more like cooking taco meat. The recipe on the package did give general instructions, but very basic. I marinated it with onions, garlic and red wine for about 3 hours, then just browned it on the stove like taco meat.

Marshall used his super human knife skills and cut up the veggies for me, as well as made the tzatzikiĀ sauce that you see on top! Of course, it only took him 3 minutes to do it all, like it nothing (Show off!)

It was a great meal and surprisingly easy. We each had 3 it was so good. It did dry out a bit, so if you decide to make it, add a bit of fat to keep it moist.

Remember, be brave like no one is watching!


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