Goodbye to Our Summer Friend

Marshall and I threw a small dinner party last night for Fernando’s son. He was here for a couple of weeks and he left today to go back home for the fall, but we hope he will return for the holidays. He is a great kid and will most likely become a great man.

For dinner Marshall made a chicken fettuccine with mushrooms and cream sauce, as well as a beautiful salad made with vegetables from our garden. (I currently have heirloom tomatoes and Kumato tomatoes sprouting. EXCITED!)

Marshall and I also created a wonderful cake using my strawberry rose jam in between each layer, as well as whipped chocolate frosting. To top each layer, we toasted scrap pieces of the cake in the over and then crumbled them up to add texture and added almonds. As you can see it was a masterpiece!

Something I am very proud of that happened this week: I made Hollandaise from scratch, without a recipe! Just put stuff together and whipped. I whipped it, whipped it good. I will never be able to achieve this feat ever again, but once is enough for me!

I was brave enough to make a sauce, so be brave enough to eat good food!

Author: Bryon Zeigler

If you would have told me 15 years ago that I would be a cancer surviving house husband living in Hawaii and owning a winery with my soon to be husband, I would have told you to fuck off. Nothing that good ever happens to me. Yet, today I woke up to the glorious Hawaii sunrise, and the beautiful Ko'olau mountains behind me, and I love it!
 I am an amateur writer, foodie, cook and home maker. I want to share all of this with you as I travel and eat as well as share my struggles with keeping a clean house.
 My name is Bryon, and I am The House Husband!

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