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The Whoa of Husbandry

Shawarma my heart

Goodbye to Our Summer Friend

The Cookening

Your Pulling My Braised Duck Leg

Lazy Pasta

Today was a bad day. I dont want to go too far into it, but I had an early drinking kind of day. Also, our electric in the house has been on and off for about a week, and that sucks. So for dinner tonight I was going to make braised duck leg, (Because OF COURSE Bryon and Marshall have […]

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Goodbye Brother

This week my family suffered a loss. My Brother in-law, Daniel Arthur, passed away at the too soon age of 33. A dedicated father and the first man to ever make my sister truly happy. His memorial was this past Saturday in Titusville PA. Daniel was the father of 6 kids, and I bet he say that my sister was […]

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