Opakapaka Be Browned!

Marshall has been begging me to make a good fish dish (Rhythms), specifically Sole Meunière. It is the first fish dish that Julia Child said changed her world completely. Sole is a flat fish similar to flounder. Since Sole is very expensive here, we decided to make this dish with local ingredients, so here is my take on Sole Meunière.

As always, we were at Costco and Marshall found a good-looking piece of Opakapaka, which is a Crimson Snapper. Marshall and I went back and forth about how we should cook it, and we decided (I decided. Marshall had no say… I had some say.) that we would do a version of Meunière.

I started by heating up an entire stick of butter. While it was melting in the pan, I dusted the fish with a small bit of flour on each side of it sprinkled it with salt and pepper. Once the butter was melted I let it simmer on medium high for a few minutes to let it get brown and yummy.

Once the butter was browned I added some garlic and shallots and let them brown and carmelize for a few minutes (Marshall said the garlic was the star of the dish. Ugh, Whatever Marshall… {I love him!}) before adding the Opakapaka to the pan.

I let the filets cook for about 2 minutes on each side. Remember, fish is very easy to over cook and there is no exact method for cooking it to perfection. We like our fish somewhat pink in the middle when we take it off the heat.

If  you are familiar with the famous dish Salmon and Sorrel, you are aware that fish should be removed early because it continues to cook well after it is taken off of the heat. Just give it a couple of minutes and it should be perfect.

Once I let the Opakapaka sit finish cooking, all I had to do was plate it and pour the brown butter, garlic and onions over the top of the filets.

Voila, Dinner!

Be brave my friends, its just butter and fish. What could go wrong?

Author: Bryon Zeigler

If you would have told me 15 years ago that I would be a cancer surviving house husband living in Hawaii and owning a winery with my soon to be husband, I would have told you to fuck off. Nothing that good ever happens to me. Yet, today I woke up to the glorious Hawaii sunrise, and the beautiful Ko'olau mountains behind me, and I love it!
 I am an amateur writer, foodie, cook and home maker. I want to share all of this with you as I travel and eat as well as share my struggles with keeping a clean house.
 My name is Bryon, and I am The House Husband!

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