The slow, long week

Many of you may have been waiting to hear about our much-anticipated trip to Maui. I had said that I would be posting a couple of times while we were gone. Unfortunately our trip did not go as planned, and the story of our journey will come soon for all of you to read. Until then, I apologize for the major delays. This past two weeks has had many challenges that all occurred all at the same time.

First was the horrifying moment that our small puppy Violet had escaped through our front door, ran down the road and was struck by a truck. SHE IS ALIVE AND WELL! Thankfully the truck stopped just at the right time. Her only major injuries was some road rash and some bruising. We are very thankful that it was not worse. I have seen a small dog squashed by a car before when I was living in Olean, NY. I did not want to watch it happen twice.

When we took our baby to the Vet, even the Vet was surprised at how little damage had happened. She has minor scratches and some road rash but it could have been worse. She did have to get a cone so she couldn’t lick and damage her road rash (Wait, there is a point in me telling you this) as well as getting some pain medications and antibiotics.

She was such a good girl and very brave. But, she discovered that she could use the edge of the cone to scratch her wounds. This resulted in a rather large hole forming on her side, creating a pocket of skin that detached from her body wall. Because of this hole, she now has to get a few stitches this morning, so our ordeal is not yet over.

After the accident, we held true to going on our harrowing trip to Maui. Again, this story will come in a few days. I must have time to perfectly reflect the true and death-defying events of that Saturday in the Pacific Ocean. Patience will be required. I am sorry.

Meanwhile, we had learned that the Friday night before the sail our A/C unit at the shop had gone out. The temperature was peaking at 95 degrees, and of course in Hawaii, no one works on Saturday except us, so after calling 20 A/C experts (We actually called 20, we counted the calls!) we were still stuck with no A/C, and absolutely no one called us back until TUESDAY!!! Tuesday of all days, 3 days later!

So this past week was a mad rush of getting someone who actually called us back to go and look at our unit and try to fix it with several different parts. Let’s just say the cost of everything almost equaled the cost of a single chemo treatment.

Marshall and I are finally moving forward and are eager to get the last two weeks behind us. It is an amazing thing when two people can be pushed so far in such a short week, yet we put our ego’s aside and just got through it all.

Again, I promise you will have the story of our journey in a few days. It will be epic I tell you, EPIC!


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