Goodbye Brother

img_0686386722646.jpgThis week my family suffered a loss. My Brother in-law, Daniel Arthur, passed away at the too soon age of 33. A dedicated father and the first man to ever make my sister truly happy. His memorial was this past Saturday in Titusville PA.

Daniel was the father of 6 kids, and I bet he say that my sister was his 7th. My sister would describe him as her 5th child, but she laughed when she told to me to say that. That was Daniel. He was a child at heart, and that is what made him such a great husband and father. One of his greatest joys was to rush home so he could see his kids and play with them.


He was born May 22nd, 1985 in Corry, PA to Jim and Val Arthur. He has 2 sisters and 3 brothers. He graduated June 2003 from Corry Area Middle High School and joined the Army in March of 2004 where he stayed for 14 years becoming an Army Ranger Instructor with the rank of Sargent First Class until April 2018.

After that he worked as a Wildlife Extractor in Georgia. I think of all of those animals that he could have saved will no longer have a hero. He will be missed by everyone. I will miss how he made my sister happy, and I am sure he will do everything he can to continue to do that from wherever he is right now.

Goodbye Brother. You are missed.


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