Planning our Trip to Maui

Preparations have begun for your big sail from Oahu to Maui

marshallsailboatpicAs I have mentioned before, Marshall and I will be going on a 6 day sail over to Maui on our friends sail boat at the end of the month. It is a once in a lifetime event for the two of us since we absolutely love Maui.

Ever since we moved to Oahu in 2012, We make at least 2 trips a year over to Maui. Marshall feels that Maui is his home, and I just enjoy the solitude and a few awesome restaurants located in Lahaina. So when our friend Fernando said he would love to do a trip to Maui with us, we were ecstatic!

Marshall has decided that he is the official Chef of the Gib Sea Runner, so he has been driving me INSANE for the past few weeks as to what we should eat and the creation of his menu. “Will so and so like this. Will you eat this. How does Moroccan Lamb Tacos sound?” (and on and on.) Remember when I said that his July 4th menu took 3 days to cook? Well, lets times that by 6. Lets just say he has been using Pinterest a lot lately.

The trip will take us about six days all together. We will sail to Molokai the first day and stay the night. Then we will sail to Maui on the second day and stay two more days on Maui. We have a few friends on Maui we wish to see, and Fernando’s wife will fly over to meet us there as well which will just add to the fun! Then we do the trip in reverse; Sail to Molokai and stay the night, then sail to Oahu the last day.

I will be updating you all as our adventure becomes better organized and Marshall finally has some concrete meals planned for us.

As for tonite, I will be making a Buerre Blanc sauce to go on top of some sword fish we got at the store yesterday.

Whisking here I come!


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